BreastfeedingInColor is a organization based in Washington, DC to help improve breastfeeding rates among Black mothers in the nation’s capitol. BreastfeedingInColor is also there to help motivate, promote, educate and assist Black moms with breastfeeding.

Many women make their baby feeding decisions before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after birth. Most women make their decision based on emotional factor and BreastfeedingInColor is there to help support these women with making the right decision for them.

Currently, 77% of US infants begin breastfeeding immediately after birth; however, babies are not breastfed for as long as recommended by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  Only 58.9% of Black infants are breastfed after birth. Now compare that to the 75.2% for White infants and 80% for Hispanic/ Latino(a) infants. Do you see that GAP? Black infants have the lowest rates of breastfeeding initiation and duration compared to their other racial counter parts.  Making breastfeeding visible and empowering can help increase our (Black) breastfeeding rates tremendously.

We just have to remember that Black Women Do Breastfeed…. We Do This!