About Isreal Jean


My name is Isreal Jean Holland. I was born and raised in Washington, DC (S.E. & N.E.) I am a mother of two (23 months and 6 years old). I was raised in the hood of DC until the age of nine then I moved to a better and more developed area which opened my eyes to many things. I was a teen mother. I had my son, David- Alexander at 18. Breastfeeding was never introduced to me. I’ve never seen women who looked like me nurse their young. I’ve never seen breastfeeding in public. In addition, I was never educated or motivated to breastfeed. However, I still nursed my son due to necessity but I also used the formula that WIC (Women Infants and Children) provided for me. After waiting four years to have another child, I knew I was going to nurse my daughter. I had my mind decided before I even found out I was pregnant. I was determined and motivated to nurse my daughter until it became difficult. I googled searched, called and emailed many people to help me. I was a full-time working mother of two trying to breastfeed my daughter exclusively. Lactation consultants were only available Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 4 pm but how was I going to set up an appointment I worked full- time. Yes, I could have taken the day off but I needed my money. I could not miss a single day of work. This is the reason why I created BreastfeedingInColor. Black women breastfeeding in urban cities are not visible. Black women breastfeeding period is not visible. We are overlooked. We are ignored. We work retail jobs, we stay at home, we homeschool but we can not receive any breastfeeding support.


I have also written articles on Breastfeeding and Women’s Health. I am currently a speaker for MommyCon (a natural parenting convention) I have spoken at two of their conferences (Chicago and New York) I and I plan on speaking at two more conferences (Orlando and Atlanta). Please see the links below of my current Mommy Con speaking events.